Draw with me! “Currant Berries” step-by-step miniature drawing tutorial (downloadable)


This is not an ordinary tutorial! It is unique in that it teaches you to draw miniature works. You will learn secrets and subtleties for creating small drawings. And you will also save time thanks to the miniature format of 4.4 x 3 inches (11.2 x 7.7 cm); an optimal size for “Currant Berries”.

The tutorial consists of 15 pages and includes 15 steps with detailed instructions and 15 photos of the process. Thanks to the “Currant Berries” lesson, you will learn how to work in layers without using blenders and solvents, how to draw an out-of-focus background, voluminous currant berries and, of course, create a miniature drawing. You won’t need many materials, as the drawing for this tutorial was created with only 18 pencils.

The tutorial is presented in digital and downloadable version. You can work using a computer monitor, a tablet, a phone, or print it on a printer.

Tutorial Contents:

• Introduction
• List of Materials
• Original Photo Reference
• Pencil Pressure Examples
• Stroke Exercise
• Light and Shade Basics
• 15 Step-By-Step Lesson Stages
• Line drawing

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