Draw with me! “Beautiful Horse” step-by-step tutorial (downloadable)



If you wanted to learn how to draw horses, then you now have the opportunity! Follow along as we draw a beautiful, wild horse with a snow-white mane with only nine pencils from a twelve-color set of Faber-Castell Polychromos. If you prefer Prismacolor Premier, then the tutorial has a list of analogue colors. To make it interesting and easy to follow, this lesson presents a large number of photo examples as we go through each step of the process.

The tutorial consists of 34 Pages and includes 28 steps with detailed instructions and 45 Photo process. Thanks to the lesson “Beautiful Horse” you will learn how to draw short animal fur, a blurred background, light and dark hair strands, and of course; horses. And you can do all this without a huge boxs of pencils and additional materials.

The tutorial is presented in digital and downloadable version. You can work using a computer monitor, a tablet, a phone, or print it on a printer.


  •     Introduction
  •     List of Materials
  •     Reference Photo
  •     Replacement of Pencils in Prismacolor
  •     Pencils Pressure
  •     Exercise on Smooth Transitions
  •     Stroke Exercise
  •     Cold and Warm Colors
  •     28 Steps with Lots of Images
  •     Line Drawing


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