Draw with me! “Christmas Puppy” step-by-step tutorial (English version, downloadable)


The Christmas tutorial is here!

Funny puppy in Santa hat will put you in a holiday mood. A large number of photos of the process will guide you in the right direction as you follow along. Thanks to a small number of pencils, you will not get confused, but at the same time, you’ll get all the necessary colors for the lesson.

In this tutorial, I used a limited number of pencils from the twenty-four Prismacolor Premier color set, so you don’t need to have a huge box of pencils.
The tutorial includes 31 steps with detailed instructions and 60 in-progress scans. Also, the tutorial has the reference photo. Bonus: a few exercises that will teach you a beautiful stroke and сold and warm colors.

For now only a digital downloadable version available. You can work with a computer monitor or tablet or print a lesson if you prefer physical mediums.

• Introduction,
• Used mediums,
• Reference photo,
• Pressure of the pencil,
• Cold and warm colors
• Exercise for smooth transitions,
• Exercise for a stroke development,
• 31 stages with a 60 images,
• A line drawing for the translation of contours.

The tutorial edited by Noel Arnold.

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