Draw with me! “Juicy Fruits” step-by-step tutorial (English version, downloadable)


If you like Mandarin oranges, then this tutorial is for you. These bright and juicy fruits in a wooden bowl were drawn with only six colored pencils. You don’t need to have huge sets of pencils to make a full, realistic drawing. It’s very easy! This tutorial presents even more photos of the process than previous lessons. Almost every step has two pictures to help you along. So, you will definitely not be bored, and you will be able to enjoy a large number of images!

The tutorial consists of 43 pages, including 37 steps with detailed instructions and 70 photos of the entire process. There is also an original photo in the tutorial, a line drawing and, of course, a bonus. In this lesson you will understand the light and shade basics and recognize the terms with a clear example. Thanks to this particular lesson, you will be able to draw larger round-shaped objects that are more realistic.
This lesson is formatted in a digital, downloadable version. You can work from a computer monitor, tablet, phone, or print it out for a hard copy.

Tutorial Contents:
• Introduction
• List of Materials
• Original Photo Reference
• Pencil Pressure Examples
• Smooth Transitions Exercise
• Stroke Exercise
• Light and Shade Basics
• Cold and warm colors
• 37 Step-By-Step Lesson Stages with Many Instructional Images
• Line Drawing

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