Draw with me! “Peppers” step-by-step tutorial (English version, downloadable)


“Peppers” – A colored pencil lesson suitable for both beginning and experienced artists. Learning to use markers in your drawing will enable you to render this realistic drawing in 1-2 days. You will not need to spend more than twenty hours to create a complete picture. Also, this project does not require a large amount of art supplies. Like most of my tutorials, this lesson requires only a limited number of pencils.

My “Peppers” tutorial includes step by step detailed instructions and photos. You will also receive a reference photo and line drawing plus bonus material. Some bonus instructions included are:
• A detailed lesson with photos on the proper way to hold your pencil. Learn how holding your pencil correctly will enable you to render round objects more effectively.
• Exercises on the various colored pencil strokes; learn how to draw smooth color transitions and the use of pencil pressure.

The “Peppers” tutorial is available as a digital download. The downloaded material may be viewed on a computer monitor, tablet or phone. If you prefer, the lesson may also be printed.

Tutorial Contents:
• Introduction
• List of materials
• Reference photo
• Pencil pressure instruction
• Exercise on smooth transitions
• Stroke exercise
• Exercise on how to properly hold a pencil,
• Light and shade basics
• 20 detailed steps of instructions with a large number of images
• Line drawing.


A note from Ekaterina:
“I love it when you share your finished drawings with me. I am always open to your comments and suggestions regarding my tutorials”.

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