Draw with me! “Portrait of a Child” step-by-step drawing tutorial (downloadable)


A smiling, cheerful girl with freckles on her cute face was drawn for the tutorial “Portrait of a Child”. It’s special in that this lesson teaches the artist not to be afraid of utilizing bold colors in a portrait. This lesson requires a high level of artistic experience. For beginners and mid-level artists, this tutorial may be useful as an introduction to pencil portraiture. The material can be learned easily since the text is written in simple language and the images have a high resolution to help you to carefully examine all the details.

The tutorial is one of the larger ones offered, as it consists of 46 pages. It includes 39 steps with detailed instructions and 51 photos of the process. General information is provided at the beginning of the lesson regarding the tutorial contents and several exercises that will help those seeking to learn techniques in the creation of this portrait. The tutorial touches on topics such as the unique differences a child’s skin has, the bold use of colors in a portrait, an interesting technique for drawing hair, and necessary pencil color suggestions for a portrait painter.

When you purchase this tutorial, you will also be provided with a high-resolution reference photo and a base line drawing to start.

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