Draw with me! “Portrait of a Man” step-by-step drawing tutorial (downloadable)


This portrait of a cheerful and kind man with a mustache, wrinkles on his face, gray hair and blue eyes was created for my new lesson “Portrait of a Man”. This is one of the most difficult tutorials I have created but also the most visually interesting. It requires a high level of previous art experience to complete accurately, but for beginners it’s a useful tutorial to become acquainted with colored pencils as an art medium.

The “Portrait of a Man” tutorial is the longest of my tutorials so far and it has 57 pages. It has 49 separate steps with detailed instructions, photos of the process and many suggestions on drawing a human portrait. In addition to the tutorial itself, there are several exercises, a list of materials, and general tips suitable for this tutorial. The information in this lesson teaches not only about creating a realistic portrait, but also touches upon topics such as representing background and foregrounds, an interesting way to draw hair, specifics regarding the skin of an elderly person, creating a light background, and how to investigate your mistakes.

Upon purchasing this tutorial, you will also be provided with a reference photo and a line drawing to start from.

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