Draw with me! “Shining Berries” step-by-step tutorial (English version, downloadable)


Brilliant, bright, juicy berries located in a bluish bowl rest harmoniously before a white background, making the drawing more stylish. This is a piece of work that is drawn with only five colored pencils. Three of the pencil colors, yellow, red and blue, are the basics with which you can easily create additional colors. A white pencil was used to make the berries shine even more, and the black pencil is to create volume, contrast and a more realistic image. You don’t need a lot of additional materials, only the most basic; paper, a graphite pencil (to draw the outlines), an eraser and a pencil sharpener.

This tutorial consists of 33 pages and includes 29 steps with detailed instructions and 56 photo of the process. Also, in the tutorial there is the original reference photograph, line drawing and several exercises. You can utilize the exercises to improve your coloring stroke technique, learn how to create the volume of objects correctly and create additional colors using the basics. In this tutorial, I give advice on the main topic and on further techniques in the drawing.

For now only a digital downloadable version available. You can work with a computer monitor or tablet or print a lesson if you prefer physical mediums.

Tutorial Contents:
• Introduction
• List of Materials
• Original Photo Reference
• Pencil Pressure Examples
• Smooth Transitions Exercise
• Stroke Exercise
• Light and Shade Basics
• How To Get The Additional Colors
• 29 Step-By-Step Lesson Stages with Many Instructional Images
• Line Drawing

Proofreader KC Lancaster

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