Draw with me! “Still Life with Kumquats” step-by-step drawing tutorial (downloadable)


“Still Life with Kumquats” is a tutorial for those who like to experience their abilities and discover new talents. The artwork for this lesson was drawn with three primary color pencils: red, yellow, blue. Black and white pencils were also used. The tutorial shows how to achieve realism and make a complete picture with a minimum number of materials so you don’t need large pencil sets and extra costs.

Thanks to the tutorial “Still Life with Kumquats”, you will learn how to create realistic drawings with five pencils, combining them to create additional colors. This lesson covers information about creating backgrounds and foregrounds, the volume of objects, and contrast. In addition, you will find exercises to facilitate learning this material. This tutorial consists of 36 pages and includes 30 steps with instructions and step-by-step images. The initial sectional line drawing and reference photo are also included.

This tutorial is ideal for mid-level artists and above. For beginners, the lesson will be useful as a general overview and study of the drawing process.

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