Draw with me! “Tabby cat” step-by-step drawing tutorial (downloadable)


“Tabby Cat” continues my series of animal tutorials. In the process of completing the tutorial, you will learn how to draw multi-colored animal hair and improve your skills even if you already have experience.  You will study an interesting technique for drawing a cat’s facial hair (including whiskers!), you will learn how to draw objects out of focus, and how you can do a great job with a beautiful cat. The step-by-step drawing examples were created with 21 Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils. If you prefer to work with Prismacolor Premier pencils instead, this tutorial has a list of analogues.

The tutorial consists of 38 pages, which includes 33 steps with detailed instructions, tips and 39 photos of the process. Even better, all the accompanying exercises to prepare you for this lesson (and many others that will be useful for gaining experience) can be downloaded for free in the “tutorials” category. Use them to better incorporate the material in any of the lessons I have available.

The tutorial is presented in a digital downloadable version. You can work using a computer monitor, a tablet, a phone, or print it on a printer.


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