Draw with me! “Tomatoes & Garlic” step-by-step tutorial (English version, downloadable)


If you would like to learn how to draw with colored pencils on black paper, then this tutorial is for you. Ripe and colorful vegetables were drawn with a limited number of pencils; 10 pieces and then colored with a minimum number of layers, which will save you time. For a realistic drawing of Tomatoes and Garlic, you only need to have the basic Prismacolor set of 12 pencils. This will be enough to get the right colors and shades.

This tutorial consists of 38 pages and includes 31 steps with detailed instructions and 41 process photos. Thanks to the lesson “Tomatoes & Garlic” you will learn little secrets of how to get bright and bold colors on black paper, how you can transfer a line drawing onto it black paper, and you will learn how to draw objects with apparent mass and volume. The tutorial presents several exercises that are specific to this lesson.

This tutorial is presented in digital and downloadable version. You can work using a computer monitor, a tablet, a phone, or print it on a printer.


  • Introduction
  • List of materials
  • Pencil pressure instruction
  • Exercise on smooth transitions
  • Stroke exercise
  • How to transfer a line drawing onto black paper.
  • Light and shade basics
  • 31 detailed steps of instructions with images
  • Line drawing
  • Reference photo


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