Sparrow on a Branch


The drawing for the “Sparrow on a Branch” tutorial was created with a limited number of pencils, only eleven out of the standard Koh-I-Noor Polycolor twelve pencil set. This is not a difficult drawing and does not require a high level of training. Also, “Sparrow on a Branch” will not take much time to complete compared to some of my other more involved tutorials, (about a week, more or less). As usual, if you prefer to work with Prismacolor Premier pencils, there is a list of analogues in the tutorial.

If you want to explore using Koh-I-Noor Polycolor pencils you can test them for yourself while making this drawing, and read all my conclusions, pros and cons as described in the tutorial. This complete lesson consists of 23 pages and contains 28 steps with 28 photos of the process and several pictures with pencil testing are also present.

The tutorial is presented in a digital downloadable version. You can work using a computer monitor, a tablet, a phone, or print it on a printer.


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